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conference hall
Marriott Voronezh Hotel


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participants from 5 countries


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The concept of the conference


The interest in green infrastructure is related to the desire to make cities more favorable settlements for life.

Complex and well thought-out system of landscape gardening has a positive impact not only on the state of the environment the environment, but also in the social sphere, increases the prestige of the place of residence, contributes to the development of the economy.

The conference is designed to draw the attention of scientists and practitioners to the discussion of the main guidelines for the development of green infrastructure cities.

The conference sets the goals, objectives, approximate order and schedule of the event.

The conference has received official support of the Association of Arborists UK


Conditions for participation in the conference as a Speaker

To participate in the conference it is necessary to send to the organizing Committee by E-mail before July 15, 2018: info@greenconf.ru
  1. Application for participation (form attached).
  2. Abstracts, according to the specified requirements.
  3. A photograph of the participant.
  4. Presentation in format .pptx.

Form of participation:
  1. Oral report
  2. Correspondence participation (submission of papers for publication)

Plenary session schedule: presentations — up to 15 minutes, presentations-up to 10 minutes.
Schedule of breakout sessions: presentations-up to 10 minutes, speeches-up to 5 minutes. Breakout sessions are held in parallel (up to 4 sections).
The structure of participants of section is formed on the basis of the arrived requests. For the preparation and holding of sessions of the conference shall be approved by working groups led by section leaders.

Application form

Application deadline is July 15, 2018

Requirements for participants photo
  1. Portrait photo, jpeg format, size up to 10 MB.

Requirements to registration of theses of papers for publication:
  1. The volume of materials-3-4 pages A4, including tables, figures and references. English text. Orientation – portrait.
  2. The text in the editor Мiсгоsoft Word, saving in format. doc. Font-Times New Roman, font size-14, interval – 1.5. Margins: top - 2, bottom - 2, left - 2, right - 2 cm, Paragraph indent – 1,25. Text alignment on width pages without hyphenation, page number at the bottom center.
  3. Reference to the literature used is given in the text in square brackets. References to unpublished works are not allowed. The list of references is modeled on. Sources are arranged in the order of citation.
  4. Drawings (prepared in bmp or jpeg format) should be separate files. The size of the drawing should not exceed 80h100mm. The title is below the figure in normal font. The word "Rice"stands out in bold.
  5. Material structure:
    • 1st line-name-bold uppercase letters in the center of the page;
    • 2nd line - surname and initials of authors-in the center of the page;
    • 3rd line-name of the institution/ organization, city and e-mail address in italics, in the center;
Latin names of genera and species (subspecies) are in italics (see below).

Sample design

Requirements for participants

The organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that are not issued according to the rules and submitted after the deadline.
Conditions of participation in the conference as a Listener

To participate in the conference as a listener, you must send it to the organizing Committee before August 1, 2018 by E-mail: info@greenconf.ru
  1. Application for participation (form attached).
Application form
Application deadline is August 1, 2018.
the Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that are not issued according to the rules and submitted after the deadline.

Conference theme


The conference will address the following issues:

"Eco-Urban development of urban spaces and parks"

"Green spaces as urban planning and environmental factor in the formation of the landscape and aesthetics of urban spaces."

"Ecology of big cities and landscape industry: methods of integration".

"Functional landscape design, reconstruction and preservation of parks"

"Development of eco-city system and modernization of green infrastructure"

"Green building Innovations as a factor of quality of life in big cities".

"Urban ecology: problems, peculiarities, planning".

"The formation of the natural system of gardening-the urban the urban environment."

"The system of landscaping as an element of the ecological framework and the environmental factor of the urban microclimate".

"Reconstruction and reconstruction of the lost natural and green landscapes and territories of the city environment"

"Collobrative in the greening of cities."

"Urban forests in the heart of urban centres"

"Green future" Design

Conference theme


The list of speakers is formed

More info

Jago Keen

Member of the International Federation of the Landscape Gardeners (Great Britain).

Great Britain

Great Britain

Jago Keen

Even in towns and cities people have a deep connection with nature. Denial of that connection leads to diminished physiological and psychological wellbeing.

Society functions best when it is embedded in natural green spaces; green spaces where people live, play and work.

Research is now proving what we as individuals already know – that green space in our towns and cities is good – but it is placing values on what that means for commercial, retail and residential spaces in which we live, play and work.

In this presentation we will take an overview of that research and the need to harness its findings in policy and guidance to build ‘strong and stable’ places for society.

Jago Keen has qualifications and experience in arboriculture and nature conservation and applies complex system thinking to the challenges presented by town planning, green infrastructure management and projection planning. He has two decades experience spent in the ‘natural capital’ sector, managing natural assets to ensure ecosystem services are delivered.

In private practice as an international green infrastructure consultant, Jago Keen is consulted by clients in local government, healthcare trusts, property development companies and private individuals, throughout the UK and Eurasia, to deliver pragmatic solutions to build resilient ecosystem provision.

Jago was, until recently, chairman of the Arboricultural Association in the United Kingdom.

More info

Aleksey Karyakin

Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of Voronezh region



Aleksey Karyakin

… All the events, arranged for the Ecology Year, are aimed to improve the environmental situation in the region. This will affect not only the overall condition of nature, but also the attitude of the citizens of our region…

More info

Maurizio Lapponi

Member of the European Association Nurserystock



Maurizio Lapponi


Urban green consultant

Expert for the outdoor plants’ International market

New-plant varieties hunter

President ANVE (Italian Nursery Exporters Association) -2006/2014

Vice President ENA (European Nursery Stock Association) -2010/2012

President ENA (European Nursery Stock Association) -2012/2014

Nursery consultant for Sapienza University, Rome – 2014/2015

Chairman  at the Worldwide Round Table of Nurserystock organized by ENA (European Nurserystock Association). - 2013. 

Creator of the Master “Export Manager” for Flower and Ornamental Plants in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and ICE (Italian Trade Agency)

Coordinator of the EXPORT MANAGER MASTER -2010/2014

Creator and Coordinator of the experimental project  “Therapeutic Terraces – the green effect on patients affected by Cancer” in partnership with the Oncology Department of Carrara Hospital

Chairman of the table on the problems of  horticulture in Task Force Italy-Russia  organized by the Italian and Russian Ministries of Economic Development.

Conference program

Provisional programme of the conference

August 29th, 2018

09:00 - 10:00

Регистрация участников

10:00 - 11:30

Торжественное открытие конференции. Приветственные выступления

11:30 - 12:00

Кофе - брейк

12:00 - 14:00

Пленарное заседание

14:00 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:30

Продолжение работы пленарного заседания

16:30 - 17:00

Подведение итогов дня. Закрытие пленарного заседания

17:00 - 19:00

Культурная программа

August 30th, 2018

09:00 - 10:00

Регистрация участников

10:00 - 12:00

Работа секций

12:00 - 12:30

Кофе -брейк

12:30 - 13:00

Подведение итогов. Закрытие конференции

13:00 - 16:00

Культурная программа. Посещение VIII Воронежского международного фестиваля садов и цветов «Город-Сад»

What is included

Free coffee-breaks

Comunication with speakers


Attendee certificate

Cultural program

Collection of publications

Collection of speeches


Proceedings of the Conference

Entire publication

Presentation of participants

Bikmullina Zarina Rashitovna


Vasenev Ivan Ivanovich


Genri Kuppen


Glebov Viktor Vasilevich


Davydova Alena Igorevna


Devjatova Tatjana Anatolevna


Dovletvyarova Elvira


Mikhail Drapalyuk


Zorin Georgij Anvarovich


Karasjova Tatjana Aleksandrovna


Aleksey Karyakin


Dr. Kieron Doick


Kerimova Nadezhda Alievna


Keith Sacre


Klevcova Marina Aleksandrovna


Lavrenjuk Elena Nikolaevna


Lazareva Karina Hristforovna


Maurizio Lapponi


Latypov Stepan


Latypov Stepan


Mejtys Ilja


Palchikov Sergej Borisovich


Roberto Diolaiti


Uspenskij Kirill Viktorovich


Firsova Natalja Vasilevna


Franco Grossi


Jago Keen

All presentation

Statements of leaders

Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation

The talk about environmental issues must be conducted in an proaktive and practical manner, as well as to bring environmental works to a systematic, daily duty of state authorities at each level.

Sergei Ivanov

Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport

Respect for the environment is not only a requirement of an epoque or a fashion trend, it is a condition of technological progress and development of national economy and social sphere.

Sergei Donskoi

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

The year of environment will become a time of dictatorship of environmental legislation for a greater part of business. For business, federal and regional authorities, for the public, the year of environment means responsibility, not a rest on its laurels.

for the conference


Make your contribution to environmental protection!

Partners of the conference

Environmental events 2018

Voronezh International festival of gardens and flowers "Garden City" 2018

06-09 September 2018

From 06 to 09 September 2018 for the eighth time will be one of the brightest events of the year – Voronezh international festival of gardens And garden City flowers. The festival will feature gardens created by the best foreign and Russian landscape designers. It offers a rich educational and cultural program.

in 2015, the festival received the Grand Prix of the V Russian national landscape architecture awards in the category "Event of the year". In 2017 he was recognized as the winner in the nomination " Ecology of the city» The national ecological award of a name of V. I. Vernadsky.


The conference hall of the Marriott Hotel Spartanburg
Russia, Voronezh, Revolution Avenue, 38

212-75-93, 212-75-91


International scientific and practical conference "Green infrastructure of urban environment: current state and prospects of development"

29 − 30 August 2018   |   Voronezh

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